Single Men Considering Egg Donation and Surrogacy

Single Men Considering Egg DonationI have extensive experience in helping people build families with the assistance of egg donors and gestational surrogates. If you are a man contemplating single fatherhood through the assisted reproduction technologies, there is much to consider.

Please contact me to discuss the following questions:

  • Do I have the emotional and financial resources to be a single father?
  • Do I have a good support system and how will my support people be helpful?
  • Will my job allow me the flexibility I need?
  • What is important to me in choosing an egg donor and gestational surrogate?
  • Do I feel more comfortable with a known donor and/or gestational surrogate or do I want to work with a donor and surrogacy agency?
  • How do I go about choosing an agency?
  • What do donor and surrogate screenings involve?
  • What information will I receive about the donor and gestational surrogate and what does it mean?
  • Should I choose anonymous or open identity egg donation and what are the consequences for my child?
  • What factors should I consider in working with a gestational surrogate?
  • What type of a relationship do I want with the gestational surrogate during and after the pregnancy?
  • How do I talk to my child about the donor and surrogate?
  • How do I answer the question, “Do I have a mother?”
  • How would a multiple pregnancy affect me?
  • What will I do with my frozen embryos?

I am expert in alternative family building and will provide you with comprehensive information that will answer your questions and facilitate decision making. I am committed to helping you build a healthy family.

Once you decide to work with a donor and surrogate, your doctor likely will require that you attend a psycho-educational consultation for intended parents using egg donation and gestational surrogacy. I have expertise in conducting these consultations and will provide your doctor with the necessary documentation.