Infertility Counseling

infertility counselingIf you have been diagnosed with infertility, you are not alone. Infertility affects approximately one in six couples and provokes painful and difficult feelings that may be overwhelming and interfere with your daily life. Family and friends may not understand your pain, leaving you feeling alienated and isolated.

Please contact me if you feel:

  • Depressed and/or anxious
  • Angry and envious
  • Shameful
  • Hopeless and helpless

Couples experience infertility as stressful from the initial diagnosis and evaluation through treatment and intervention. Most couples state that infertility negatively impacts their marital, sexual, familial and social relationships.

Please contact me if you and your partner experience:

  • Communication breakdowns and decreased intimacy
  • Lovemaking is a chore
  • Difficulty focusing on long-term goals because plans feel dependent on whether or not you have a child
  • Feeling out of control, helpless and isolated

As a psychologist with a specialty in reproductive health, I will work with you to resolve the infertility crisis. We will create a plan that decreases depression and anxiety, develops coping skills and stress reduction techniques, focuses on decision making regarding medical treatment and family building options, improves communication and builds social support.