Gestational Surrogate Screenings

Gestational Surrogate ScreeningsI have extensive experience in screening gestational surrogates and am an expert in understanding the issues and concerns of both intended parents and surrogates. I work closely with medical professionals, attorneys and surrogacy agencies to ensure the well being of all parties in a surrogacy arrangement.

When screening surrogates, I meet with the surrogate candidate for a structured clinical interview and administer the Personality Assessment Inventory (PAI), a psychometric test that measures personality functioning. I determine a woman’s appropriateness to be a surrogate by assessing her emotional stability and maturity, psychosocial functioning, lifestyle, experience with pregnancy and motherhood, ability to provide informed consent and the support of her spouse or partner, if applicable. Typically, if you are working with a surrogacy agency, the agency will meet with you to provide information about building a family with the assistance of a surrogate and will conduct a group meeting with you and the surrogate to make certain that you are a good match.

You may contact me because a family member or friend has offered to carry a pregnancy for you. In this situation, I will screen the potential surrogate for appropriateness, meet with you to provide information about family building with the assistance of a surrogate, and conduct a group meeting to ensure that all participants in this family building venture are in agreement about relevant issues such as genetic testing, multiple pregnancies, pregnancy termination and contact during the pregnancy.

I provide written reports, as necessary, to medical teams or surrogacy agencies.