Single Women Considering Sperm or Embryo Donation

single women considering sperm or embryo donationI have extensive experience in helping single women build families with the assistance of donor sperm. I also am expert in facilitating single motherhood for infertile women who are considering starting a family with donor egg and sperm, or donor embryo. When contemplating single motherhood, there is much to consider.

Please contact me to discuss the following questions:

  • Do I have the emotional and financial resources to be a single mother?
  • Do I have a good support system and how will they be helpful?
  • Will my job allow me the flexibility I need?
  • Do I feel more comfortable with a known donor or do I want to work with a sperm bank?
  • If I go to a sperm bank, should I use an anonymous or open identity donor?
  • What are the potential consequences of donor anonymity or openness for my child?
  • What are my feelings about donor egg or donor embryo and how would I feel about not being genetically connected to my child?
  • Would I prefer an open or anonymous relationship with the embryo donors?
  • How will I disclose donor origins to my child?
  • How do I answer the question, “Do I have a father?”
  • How would a multiple pregnancy affect me?
  • If I used IVF, what will I do with my frozen embryos?

I am expert in alternative family building and will provide you with comprehensive information that will answer your questions and facilitate decision making. I am committed to helping you build a healthy family.

Once you decide to work with a sperm, egg or embryo donor, your doctor likely will require that you attend a psycho-educational consultation for recipients of donor gametes. I have expertise in conducting these consultations and will provide your doctor with the necessary documentation.