Lesbian Couples Considering Sperm Donation

lesbian couples considering sperm donationI have extensive experience in helping lesbian couples build families with the assistance of donor sperm. When thinking about building your family, there is much to consider.

Please contact me to discuss the following questions:

  • Who will carry the pregnancy?
  • How do we feel about unequal genetic relatedness to our child?
  • Do we feel more comfortable with a known donor or do we want to work with a sperm bank?
  • If we go to a sperm bank, should we use an anonymous or open identity donor?
  • What are the potential consequences of donor anonymity or openness for our child and family?
  • Do we want to consider an IVF cycle where one of us contributes the egg and the other carries the pregnancy?
  • How do we disclose donor origins to our child?
  • How do we answer the question, “Do I have a father?”
  • How would a multiple pregnancy affect us?
  • If we used IVF, what will we do with our frozen embryos?

I am expert in alternative family building and will provide you with comprehensive information that will answer your questions and facilitate decision making. I am committed to helping you build a healthy family.

Once you decide to work with a sperm donor, or if you decide to use an IVF cycle, your doctor likely will require that you attend a psycho-educational consultation for recipients of donor gametes. I have expertise in conducting these consultations and will provide your doctor with the necessary documentation.