Heterosexual Couples Considering Surrogacy

heterosexual couples considering surrogacyThe transition to building a family through gestational surrogacy is emotionally difficult. Although you will feel excited about the possibility of becoming a mother, you may feel heartbroken about not being able to carry the pregnancy. Your partner, too, will feel the loss that you are not able to carry the pregnancy.

I have extensive experience in helping couples build families with the assistance of gestational surrogacy. When thinking of building your family with a surrogate’s help, there is much to consider.


Please contact me to discuss the following questions:

  • What is important to us in choosing a gestational surrogate?
  • How do we choose a surrogacy agency and what questions should we ask?
  • Should we consider a friend or family member’s offer to be our surrogate?
  • What do surrogate screenings involve?
  • What information will we receive about the surrogate and what does it mean?
  • What type of relationship do we want to have with the surrogate during and after the pregnancy?
  • What factors do we consider in working with a surrogate?
  • How will we talk to our child about the surrogate?

I am expert in alternative family building through surrogacy and will provide you with comprehensive information that will answer your questions and facilitate decision making. I am committed to helping you build a healthy family.

Once you decide to work with a surrogate, your doctor likely will require that you attend a psycho-educational consultation for intended parents using gestational surrogacy. I have expertise in conducting these consultations and will provide your doctor with the necessary documentation.