Heterosexual Couples Considering Egg, Sperm or Embryo Donation

couples considering egg sperm or embryo donationIdeas of motherhood and fatherhood are connected to having a child with one’s own genes and learning that you can not conceive on your own will be a heartbreaking experience filled with grief and loss. Before making any decisions about conceiving a child with the help of an egg, sperm or embryo donor, you will need to grieve the loss of the child you were not able to have with your own genes.

Gamete donation is not a treatment for infertility, but it does allow infertile couples to build families. It is a good option for people who do not define parenthood and family solely by genetic connections. There are many questions to consider when you think about alternative family building with donors.

Please contact me to discuss these questions:

  • How will we feel about unequal genetic relatedness to our child?
  • Will we feel attached to our child?
  • Is gamete or embryo donation the right choice for us?
  • What is important to us in choosing a donor?
  • How do we pick an agency?
  • What does a donor screening entail?
  • What information do we receive about donors and what does it mean?
  • Should we choose an anonymous or open identity donation and what are the consequences for our child?
  • What are the issues to think about concerning disclosing donor origins to our child?
  • What will it be like to have a second child through gamete donation when we conceived our first child with our own genes?
  • What do we tell friends and family?
  • How would a multiple pregnancy affect us?
  • What will we do with our excess frozen embryos?

I am an expert in family building with egg, sperm and embryo donors and will provide you with comprehensive information that will answer your questions and facilitate decision making. I am committed to helping you build a healthy family.

Once you decide to work with a donor, your doctor likely will require that you attend a psycho-educational consultation for recipients of donor gametes. I have expertise in conducting these consultations and will provide your doctor with the necessary documentation.