Egg Donor Screenings

Egg Donor ScreeningI began screening egg donors in 1992 and have extensive experience working with anonymous and known donations. I am expert in the guidelines for egg donor evaluations established by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine and adhere to their recommendations.

When screening egg donors for both anonymous and known donations, I meet with the egg donor candidate for a structured clinical interview and administer the Personality Assessment Inventory (PAI), a psychometric test that measures personality functioning. I determine a woman’s appropriateness to donate by assessing her emotional stability and maturity, psychosocial functioning and ability to provide informed consent.

Intended parent(s) are referred separately for a psycho-educational consultation for recipients of donor egg to receive pertinent information about building donor conceived families. When facilitating known donations, I screen the egg donor candidate for appropriateness, provide the intended parent(s) with a psycho-educational consultation and meet together with the intended parent(s) and egg donor candidate. If the egg donor candidate is married or is in a committed relationship, her partner is included in the group meeting.

In known donations it is important that all participants agree about relevant issues such as the nature of the relationship of the donor to the child and family, disclosure of donor origins to the child and to others and the disposition of frozen embryos. The joint meeting allows all parties to share their thoughts and feelings and ensures that they have similar desires and beliefs.

I provide written reports, as necessary, to medical teams or donor agencies.