Adolescent Therapy

adolescent therapyAdolescence is a time in life when young people experience tremendous emotional, cognitive and physical changes. It is the psychological equivalent of the perfect storm, and teenagers need support to negotiate these turbulent waters. However, adolescence is a time when teens separate from their parents as they strive to become independent and develop their own unique identity.

In therapy, I work with adolescents to help them build esteem, think through problems and weigh the consequences of their actions, achieve social and academic success, have better relationships with their family and live up to their potential.

Please contact me if your teenager is experiencing:

  • Poor self-esteem
  • Academic and/or social pressures
  • Family discord
  • Depression or anxiety
  • Sexual or gender questions
  • Obsessive thinking or attention difficulties
  • High risk behavior

I am an experienced therapist and can balance a parent’s need for information with an adolescent’s desire for privacy. As I help adolescents establish a strong sense of self that is the basis for a healthy adulthood, I work to foster a positive relationship between parents and teenagers so that communication and closeness are enhanced.