Managing Mothers Day Mindfully

Managing Mother’s Day Mindfully

“On Mother’s Day I’m going to stay in bed with the sheets pulled over my head.” Everyday is difficult for women who experience infertility, but Mother’s Day may be the most challenging of them all. Many women want to become mothers more than anything else… Read More
Single Parenthood Building Families

Single Parenthood: Building Families with Donors and Surrogates

If you are considering single parenthood, there are many questions to explore.  Addressing these questions will help you feel secure about your decision and establish a strong foundation for building a healthy family. Some of the most significant questions are: Do I have the emotional… Read More
Heterosexual Couples Using Donor

Heterosexual Couples Using Donor Insemination

“My husband is the one who really needs to talk to you, but he won’t make an appointment.” Approximately 15% of all couples in their reproductive years experience infertility, and there is a general consensus that men and women are affected at similar rates, with… Read More
Building Healthy Donor Conceived Famlies

Building Healthy Donor Conceived Families

“Sally,” she quickly answered, when I asked if they had picked out a name for their child. They hoped for her eyes, his athleticism, and both of their senses of humor. They tried for years to conceive and wanted more than anything else in the… Read More
Genes Make People

Genes Make People, People Make Families

How Heterosexual and Same Sex Couples and Single Parents Can Talk to Their Children about Donor Origins “Ultimately, children become neurotic not from frustrations, but from the lack or loss of societal meaning in these frustrations.” -Erik H. Erikson Erik Erikson (1902-1994) was a renowned… Read More
Disclosing Origins

Disclosing Origins: Children Born Through Third Party Reproduction

In my capacity as a clinical psychologist with a specialty in reproductive medicine, infertile couples entrust me with their personal reproductive struggles. My first visit with a couple is often following a heart-shattering consultation with a reproductive endocrinologist. After many tests, medication trials, and perhaps… Read More