Therapeutic Approach

Winnie The Pooh BridgeTherapy is a healing process which begins with establishing an authentic, open and accepting relationship. I am interested in getting to know you and understanding your stresses, concerns, strengths and values so that I can walk in your shoes. We will work to explore how you are feeling stuck, what is causing your pain and what you hope to accomplish in therapy.

During our first sessions I will ask about your current situation. You may be adjusting to changes in your life circumstances, experiencing challenges related to developmental stages, suffering from painful experiences in your past or struggling with issues such as depression or anxiety. I will be interested in learning about your childhood in terms of family relationships, school and social life. We also will discuss your temperament and how you generally feel as you go through life.

I treat people, not diagnoses. Your thoughts, feelings and behaviors are affected by your past experiences, current situation and biology. My appreciation of your personal story, combined with my knowledge and experience, will help me tailor an approach to meet your unique needs.

I am an integrative therapist which means that I weave together different modes of intervention to create change. I will help you explore your underlying beliefs and identify recurring themes that may lead to maladaptive patterns. At times, I may utilize supportive, cognitive and educational techniques to help translate your awareness and understanding into action and change. My interactions with you will be based upon your needs and not on my adherence to one particular theoretical framework.

I have a positive, strength-oriented approach and believe that people want to get better. I am experienced in helping people understand themselves and use their awareness to develop different beliefs, feelings and behaviors, learn new coping and communication skills, increase intimacy and improve the quality of their life.