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Thank you for your interest in my psychotherapy and consultation practice

I am a clinical psychologist with over 25 years of experience working with adults, couples, adolescents and families. I also have a specialty in reproductive health issues including infertility, pregnancy loss and alternative family building with donors and surrogates.

I am honored that people entrust me with their concerns and worries as well as share their hopes and dreams. I receive tremendous satisfaction from helping people resolve problems and achieve goals.

Psychotherapy: Creating Hope and Making ChangesĀ 

The difficulties and challenges of our lives involving our families, relationships, work and school may leave us feeling overwhelmed, anxious and depressed. Individuals and couples come to see me because they are at an impasse and need help.

Reproductive Counseling: Resolving the Infertility Crisis and Building FamiliesĀ 

For individuals and couples struggling with the emotional strains of infertility and pregnancy loss, I offer counseling and consultation to reduce stress and depression and improve the quality of life while you go through stressful medical treatments.